Hi there, you want to meet some people? Sure you do!

Meet Jack and Wack. These two guys are the silliest clowns. They love to prank, laugh, simply just like to have a good time. They’ll prank anyone whenever they get the chance. Splashing water, pie facing, tickling, you name it. They’re goofy. Goofy clowns.

Meet Crow and Moe. These two clowns are more emotional than ever. For some reason, they cry. A lot. Tears made of clay. Their makeup is always a mess because they’re a mess. They can’t laugh. They only cry. WEIRDOS!

Meet Violet and Penny. These two are beautiful clowns. They don’t have the traditional clown look, they always change their styles. One minute, they’re draped in purple. Next minute, they’re pink. Then they’re red, then orange, then yellow. Talk about rainbow! That’s exactly what they feel like too. They’re going for a rainbow look. Oh how special!

Then there’s these last two clowns. Polka and Frey. These guys are dangerous. Sometimes they like to play, sometimes they like to harm. They would play such pranks that would end up being a disaster. Worst part, is that they’ll do it all with a big FAT smile on their faces! Without a single care in the world! Real jokers for sure. No one would even dare to cross them on the sidewalks. People would seem them and go the other way. This prompts a quick game of Tag for the two jokers. They would chase people to “tag” them, but really they’re trying to harm them by poking them with their sharp fingernails. Polka and Frey don’t want to kill anyone, but they don’t see a problem with pain. They LOVE pain! Don’t worry though, they’re friendly at the end of the day. 🙂