Birds of Pray


Four little birds have flown to heaven. They now see the skies. They’re amazed at what heaven looks like. They fly endlessly as they go on their own adventure to see the angels. With each time passing, each bird says a prayer. They pray for their time in the sky. They pray that they come back to heal. They pray that they can become angels themselves. These birds are in awe. These are the Birds of Pray.

Wherever they flew, they’ve blessed others with a prayer. These four birds made it a mission to bless the world. They’ve now realized that one of their prayers came true. They’re now angels. Flopping their wings with golden particles dropping out of them like flies. Wherever the particles land, a taste of heaven is presented. Everything turns blue, clouds are forming ,sparks fly, and angels are singing. These birds are special. They’re providing what the special afterlife is all about. The Birds of Pray.