Billy was out on the run. No, he was curious. He loved to explore his surroundings. Whether it’s up the street or up town, Billy always wanted to explore. His parents could never keep an eye on him. He’s like their own little Spider-Man. Billy always had the desire to go out and experience life. Sure he’s a kid, but he’s set out on living life on his own terms. Man, this kid already has plans on going far.

Billy would explore it all. During the day, he’d travel up to the nearby beach for a day in the sun. At night, he would go to a pond to have a moment with nature in the dark. Whether with friends or not, Billy wanted to see everything.

The one thing Billy believes about himself is that he’s an inspiration for future generations of children. In his own words, Billy would admit this:

I want to inspire many kids to find their own adventures at a young age. Go out and explore. See it all. Having an imagination is great, but could you imagine seeing images from your head in real life? I have. So can others.

Billy was up to explore any place he can. If you were to offer him a chance to explore a alligator’s mouth, he would do it. A dinosaur’s butt? He would do it. Mercury? Yes. Mars? Yes. Uranus? Yes. The Abyss? Yes. Billy was always up for things of that nature. He’s a kid with big dreams.

Billy encourages everyone to be an explorer. Any place you want to see, see it. Be like Billy.

Be an explorer.