Let’s Be Honest…….

You know what’s really missing in the world? The real…….

Where’s the real??

I don’t know. Do you know?

There’s too many lies around us. Sometimes when reading the newspaper I wonder, “Is this legit?” Who even knows? I don’t even read newspapers too. Maybe I should….

That’s always been in the back of my mind. The more we are all real, the less we are all lies. Everyone has to see the real. We just don’t exactly know how it’ll be presented to us. Guys, let’s be honest.

Are you part of the real? Are you wondering where exactly is the real just like I am? Be honest.

Would we ever see it???


  1. Wondering if “real” even exists anymore, what with social media and curated news feeds. #strivingforauthenticity


    1. Shane R. says:

      Even with social media and curated news feeds, I sometimes wonder what’s authentic and what’s not. Overall not a lot…


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