Jonny’s Web

Jonny was a unknown man who had the most questionable life. Absolutely no one knew where this man came from. No background, no nothing. Not a single information about this guy, except for one.

Jonny had a web. Jonny loved his web.

Jonny’s web was actually structured pretty well. Did he have a pet spider? No. So, where the hell did this web come from? According to the man himself, his web is a symbol of his life. Jonny feels that there’s always different paths to cross in life. Well, he’s got a point. He structured this web by collecting spiders and kills them once they’ve made their own webs, then he takes the webs and made them into one big web of his own. Yes, he did this.

Jonny is just……..different. In a good or bad way? You can decide that.

The web is big and Jonny, like I said, describes it as a symbol of his life. Each string on the web are roads to him. Different roads that could lead to anywhere. Wherever the roads ended, he would call that the crossroads. At that point, he wouldn’t know what to do other than to make a left or right. Jonny details this as no matter where he goes, there’s always some type of crap that he deals with. A long road of crap. Hey, this is all according to Jonny.

Jonny would leave his web in perfect condition. Absolutely NO ONE can touch it. It’s art to him. It’s his own Picasso work (even though it’s not a painting). Jonny’s web is all him. He’s mysterious but, he does make a mean web.

Charlotte’s Web don’t got nothing on Jonny’s Web.