Freeze Frame

Have you ever been stuck? Can’t seem to move? You may be in a frame. Think of it as you’re a picture. You’re a portrait. You’re art. Now do you feel cold as well? Yeah, chills. You’re a picture and you’re cold. I’m trying to make you have an imagination right now.

When you’re cold, you’re indeed stuck. Don’t believe that your body’s under attack by the low degrees. You can forget about that. You’re just absorbing the cool air that’s making you feel totally secured. You can take the cool air and turn it into thermal air. Your body’s hot. You can bring the heat if you please. If you’re ever stuck, you can take that situation and turn it over. You’re in a freeze frame, you can get out of that.

Instead of shivering, break out.
Instead of feeling the burr, blow.

Release yourself from the frame.