Atlanta was a little girl who was born in the cold air of a valley. Her mother left her immediately, instantly became an orphan. She hated the orphanage. Not knowing who her mother was, Atlanta set out on living her own life. She didn’t want to live in a “random” family. It was either her own family or no family at all. At the age of 6, Atlanta ran away from the orphanage. She wandered through town, dealing with severe weather conditions such as hard rain and snow. She didn’t care. She wanted to live by her own rules.

Atlanta didn’t know where she was going, but kept going on her route. Her route to where? Even she didn’t know but didn’t care. Along the way, she came across a small abandoned house. This house was near a pond and for some reason she loved it. She steps to the house and notices nothing inside. The door was locked, but that didn’t matter to her. She busts the front window with her umbrella and crawls inside. Now she feels like she has a new lease on life. Atlanta felt like now, she found her own home. Her mission was to take this house and turn it upside down. Give it a whole new makeover.

For months now, Atlanta felt like at home. Day by day, night by night, she did whatever she could to make herself comfortable at this abandoned home. Somehow, she still felt empty. She still felt a bit of emptiness on the inside. On her own, she’s building her life. Deep down she still believed, she needed help. Some way, somehow.

One day, there was a knock on the door. Atlanta answers. It’s her birth mother. Atlanta and her birth mother, face to face. Atlanta couldn’t believe what she was looking it……because she didn’t know who she was looking at.

“Who are you?” Atlanta asks.

I’m your mother……”

“My mother? From the orphanage?”

“No, your birth mother. Your real mother.”

Atlanta couldn’t understand any of this. Her birth mother abandoned her immediately after she was born.

“My birth mother? Well for one, I don’t even know your name. What’s your name?

The birth mother answers softly: “Karen.”

“Karen huh? Well that’s nice. That’s all I’m going to refer to you as. Karen. That’s it. You may have birthed me but, you’ve abandoned me. You’re NOT my mother!”

*BOOM* Atlanta slams the door shut in Karen’s face. She may be young, but she was wise. Atlanta just couldn’t fathom looking at her birth mother’s face. Suddenly a load of emotions start to run through her.

“How did she find me? Where did she come from? Is she real? Was she a fake? Is Karen her real name? Was she REALLY my birth mother?”

So much questions ran through Atlanta’s head. She couldn’t stomach any of this. As the day went on, Atlanta thought about Karen. She wanted to forget about her, but couldn’t.

The next day, Karen returned. She returned with flowers. Karen wanted to make things right. She wants to be Atlanta’s mother again. Karen knocked on the door and waited. No answer. She looked through the front window and right away she sees Atlanta. Atlanta’s just standing there, in the middle of the house, staring at Karen. Karen then knew, Atlanta didn’t want to talk to her. She left the flowers by the front door, and walked off. Atlanta opens the door, grabs the flowers, and notices a note. Atlanta opened the note and Karen had simply wrote: “I’m ready. I’m ready to make things right. I’m ready to officially be your loving mother.”

Atlanta didn’t know what to do. She’s been enjoying whatever she has in her life now. This time, she starts having second thoughts. She thinks to herself, “Maybe…..maybe she’s telling the truth. Still, she abandoned me when I was born. I won’t ever forgive her for that, but maybe she’s telling the truth. Ugh….”

After a few days have gone by, Karen was at home as she was prepping dinner. She hears a knock then goes to answer it. There was no one at the door, but there was a note. It was from Atlanta. Karen was actually stoked, hopefully this means Atlanta would accept her back into her life. Turns out, it was a different story.

The note simply stated:

“Karen, I’m gone. You’re gone. You’re not my mother. I’m not your daughter. You made that choice. Don’t ever look for me again.”

On the back of the note: “Sincerely, an acquaintance. Atlanta.”

Karen took the note and went straight to Atlanta’s abandoned home. She was so distraught that she jumped out of her car, ran to the front door and kicked the door in. Suddenly, the house was completely empty. No Atlanta in sight. Nothing in sight. Karen couldn’t believe it. On the middle of the floor, there was another note. Karen snatched it immediately and couldn’t believe what she saw.

The note stated:

“I knew you would show up. I told you not to look for me. I’m gone. Indefinitely.”

Atlanta was gone. Indeed, indefinitely.