Learn Through It All

We go through so much each and every day. All the hardships, the pain, the suffering. So many to name. Instead of thinking that it’s terrible luck on you, think about what it’s really doing. It’s a learning experience.

Maybe a terrible learning experience, but a learning experience. Each day is a lesson. Many hardships. We must look at our situations and find out what’s being taught to us. I always wonder what’s going on with us? What’s going on with the world? Why is this happening to us? What’s the lesson?

I’m willing to learn. I’ve been learning. It’s a hell of a process but that’s part of the lesson. That’s part of life. If you’re going through something and can’t understand why, take a different look into it. There’s something in between that’s trying to teach you a lesson. Take the opportunity to learn it.

Learn through it all, through all the madness.