Quick, Sandy!

Sandy is a like a bolt of lightning when it came to speed. She is a fast young lady! She is quick. She has a ton of agility. She’s very energetic! Sandy can move like no other!

Sandy loves to go on runs every morning, noon, and night. She doesn’t know the meaning of the word “stop”. She keeps going. She’s always on the run. What’s her goal here? That’s something she can’t even answer. She just loves to move very quickly. No one could ever catch her. Literally, Sandy could rob a store and be gone within seconds. Sandy could go until she felt like she was done……which was never.

The Tasmanian Devil don’t have nothing on Sandy! You know what, that’s a challenge she would be up for. The Tasmanian Devil vs Sandy, who do you got?

Sandy just wishes for everyone to be on the go. Get up and run. Run to get in shape. Run to live. Run to be free. Run to love. Sandy just can’t get enough of the fastlane.

Sandy’s always on the go.

Go, go, go Sandy!