Author Arson

Have you ever read a book so good that you just want to burn it afterwards, just do no one else can have it?!

I know…..very dumb question.

But seriously, we’ve all read a book so good that you were left amazed. There’s just something about authors that can capture your attention word for word. It’s pretty damn amazing. I’m trying to get to that level!

Authors burn your doubts once you open their books. They keep you trapped in their universe of huge expectations. As you read on, your eyes will burst into flames as you can’t believe the fire that you’re reading! By the time you’ve completed the story, you’re burnt out. You’re in complete shock by the words of the author. The twists, the turns, the value, you can’t believe it. The best part of all, you want more. You burn for more. On to the next!

Authors, you guys have no idea how much eyes y’all have burnt by the words of your stories. That’s seriously a big compliment.

Keep it up!