Power of The Utensil

A writer’s most powerful tool, a simple utensil.

Pencil, pen, you name it. A writer can hold anything, and use it to their advantage.

Would a keyboard count as a utensil too? Whether it is or not, that too is a writer’s powerful tool. Jotting down their mind on paper with their weapon of mass destruction. A utensil can do so much good, I don’t think you have any idea. Think about it, words can be heard from a person’s mouth and they’re just that, words. It comes from a person’s voice. What tool does a voice have? When it comes to writing, a utensil is key. Literally no matter what you use, you got the power.

You scribble and scribble til your mind presents you with the right words. Your utensil is the backbone to your inner words. That utensil then turns out to be the tool to your greatest novel. It’s pretty astonishing.

Please everyone, don’t EVER underestimate the power of the utensil!