The Legal Lock

You’re locked in. You’re caged. You’re trapped. All you can do is sit still. Wondering how to escape. You can’t. Troubling isn’t it? Don’t know what to do. Sit there and think to yourself why you are in this position.

You’re trapped in the Legal Lock.

The Legal Lock keeps you away from everything. You can’t seek, all you can do is hide. You can’t move, all you can do is sit. You can’t speak, all you can do is think. The Legal Lock is secured. Now how do you get out?

Can you?

The rust of the metal on the Legal Lock signifies the length of its availability. The Legal Lock trapped a lot of people. Many have escaped, many haven’t. It’s complicated. It’s damming. It’s not right.

The Legal Lock is daring you to break free. It’s challenging you. It’s taunting you. You must break free. C’mon, you got this. Just think about it.

How can you do it?