The Soundtracks of The World

Is it me, or does anyone else think of a certain song whenever you see a piece of earth?

For instance,

When I see this picture, I think of:

“Don’t Summarize My Summer Eyes” by Bibio

When I see this picture, I think of:

“Cello Song” by Nick Drake

I can go on!

“Jnana” by Breakdown of Sanity

“Without” by Unfound

“Wasteland” by 10 Years

“A Promise” by The Cinematic Orchestra

“Trains” by Porcupine Tree

Earth has it all!

The moral is that earth has the biggest soundtrack. You can picture it, guaranteed. When you see a piece of this beautiful earth, take a moment to come up with a song that matches the mood of the atmosphere. Once you do that, not only will you be satisfied but you will be part of the music. You’ll be responsible for creating the track.


    1. Shane R. says:

      Aren’t they?! Love seeing different aspects of the world!


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