Game Review: Ghost of Tsushima

This video game was something I didn’t expect to pick up. The trailer to me looked interesting to me so I decided why not? Once I sat down and played this game, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Now that I’m finally finished with it, this game undoubtedly became one of my favorite video games of all time. Today’s game review will be on Ghost of Tsushima!

Released on July 17th, 2020, Ghost of Tsushima delivered some top notch action gameplay that I haven’t experienced in a long time. Seriously guys, the gameplay is so smooth. Combating with enemies was some of the most fun I’ve had in an action game. The gameplay was excellent, the graphics looked beautiful, this game makes you feel like you’re in Japan as the samurai yourself. This game makes you feel like you’re immortal.

The main protagonist is a man name Jin Sakai. Jin is the nephew of Lord Shimura, who’s highly known and respected in the land of Tsushima. One day, judgement day reigns down on Tsushima as Jin, Lord Shimura, and their entire force battles with Tsushima’s biggest enemy. That enemy is a man named Khotun Khan. Khotun Khan runs his own clan named the Mongols. The Mongols have invaded Tsushima and for starters, they’ve defeated Lord Shimura and his whole clan. From there on out, The Mongols have taken over Tsushima heavily. Jin then quickly realized that it’s up to him to stop this. With the help of many recruiters, Jin sets out to rescue his uncle, kill Khotun Khan and the Mongols, and secure the land of Tsushima once and for all.

Throughout the game, you would encounter a variety of side quests and battles that would help upgrade your character. Also you get to learn a bit of history about Tsushima that’s really interesting. You would face off against ancient ghosts that would help raise your power so that you can square off against Khotun Khan and be fully prepared as well. If you’re someone who’s an achiever when it comes to video games, you’ll love this game! There’s so much to achieve that it takes time and it’s worth it.

The gameplay is great, the story is great, the artwork for the game is great. This game easily gets a 10/10 rating from me. One of my favorite video games ever! This was a simple grab and I was hooked throughout the whole thing. Literally, it took me so long to get through this game as I wanted to see everything. Ghost of Tsushima is just…… outstanding game. Can’t say enough about it, you guys must play this game!