The Bite *Part 4*

Chris and this gigantic wolf. Face to face. Chris wanted this, now he’s got it. He’s frozen. Has no idea what to do. The wolf growled and snickered at Chris. That wolf’s ready to attack but Chris, is he ready?

Chris starts to dash at the wolf, but the wolf sidesteps him. Wolf then begins to laugh. Chris now feels embarrassed, but that didn’t stop him. Chris attempts another dash at the wolf but yet again the wolf sidesteps him. Chris then turns around into a big claw to the face from the wolf. Now, with bloodshed on his face, Chris is down and out. The wolf then picks him up and swings him to a tree. Chris is feeling all of the pain. He’s aching but still wants a piece of the wolf. The wolf is massive, so Chris knew he had to find the wolf’s weakness ASAP! Somehow, Chris stood back up. Wolf sees this and charges full speed at Chris. Chris, just at the last second, sidesteps the wolf! The wolf collides with a tree. Hard at that. Chris got the wolf staggered, so now he has a second to think about his next move. Chris tries to stab the wolf but not in time. The wolf grabs Chris by the hand and hurls him towards another tree. The knife’s now out of the picture, so Chris MUST come up with something else. The wolf then jumps on top of Chris and tries to strangle him. Both of those huge hairy, beefy hands wrapped around Chris’ neck. Chris is gasping for air. Chris then puts his hands around the wolf’s neck but of course, he hands no strength to strangle the wolf. The wolf’s applying more pressure on Chris’ neck and for a moment Chris looked like he was going to die. Chris thought he was a goner. He had one idea and one idea only. Chris took his thumb and jammed it into the wolf’s left eye! Jammed it so much, he stabbed it! Chris pulls out and now he’s got the wolf’s left eyeball on his thumb! The wolf screams and lets go of Chris. Chris has a damaged left hand, now the wolf has a damaged left eye. No left eye in fact. This bought Chris some time. He crawls away from the wolf and hid. After the wolf’s moment of pain, it’s back on the hunt for Chris.

Chris was nowhere to be found at first. The wolf’s patience was wearing thin. Wolf’s knocking down trees left and right with all of its strength. Still no sign of Chris. Where did he go?

The wolf travels through the woods for a few minutes til it reaches the end. The wolf sees nothing but land. All grass, but no sign of Chris. The wolf then looks up and stares at the moon as it proceeds to let out a big howl.

Out of nowhere, here comes Chris! Chris attacks the wolf with a huge log! Strike by strike, Chris has the wolf down. The wolf’s in excruciating pain but, let’s not forget that this thing is big! The wolf overpowers Chris and tosses him back into the woods! The wolf wants to finish off Chris in its habit. The wolf wants to finish off Chris in its home. Chris gets back up and hops on the wolf then proceeds to stab the wolf in its right eye! Chris stabbed the wolf with his knife! He had found his knife and struck the wolf heavy. Now with both eyes messed up, the wolf is absolutely blinded! Chris then grabs the huge log and continues to destroy the wolf. Chris got the upper hand! Chris is laying in big blows to the wolf, ended up getting the wolf to its knees.

Chris now stands over the wolf. The wolf’s down on both knees. The wolf has no fight in it now. Chris believes he’s in full control. Chris firmly points to the wolf’s head with the log then, he slowly rises it. The wolf can’t see a damn thing, doesn’t know what’s coming. “This is it. I’m going to kill this creature…..” Chris believed. Chris prepares to hit the fatal blow but then……..


Chris lets out this big scream then he drops the log!

The wolf, who was on a verge of death, somehow had the strength to raise its claw and plunged it through Chris’ stomach! Chris staggers then drops to his knees. He’s in pain, extraordinary pain. He can’t believe what had just happened. He’s in shock. He’s slowly near death…..

Chris takes one last look at the massive wolf standing over him before slowly closing his eyes. The wolf then decides for one last time to bite Chris. The wolf opens its huge mouth and proceeds to bite Chris’ head…….completely off his shoulders. The wolf has defeated Chris. The wolf eats the head of his victim. Chris’ decapitated body lays right in the middle of the woods as the wolf wanders off into the night.

With a full moon still in display, the wolf lets out one more howl……

The wolf claimed a innocent young man.