The Bite *Part 3*

The weekend comes. It’s Friday night. Chris finally decides he’s ready. He’s finally ready to confront the unknown animal. The unknown animal who’s responsible for the bite mark. The bite mark is still healing. Chris has been experiencing pain from it but none too severe. He’s been having this creature on his mind 24/7. Still trying to pinpoint what the attack was for. Now he just wants vengeance. Now he wants blood. No distractions this time. He’s ready for a fight.

11:00 PM….

Chris walks up to the woods. All alone, dressed in black from head to toe. Only thing that’s colorful on him is the red wound of the bite mark. Chris looked normal this time. He didn’t transform into anything. He was relieved no doubt, but a little worried. He figured he would change this time. Didn’t make a difference to him though, he was ready for what’s to come. Soon as he stepped foot in the woods, he hears a growl. Looks to his right, he sees the same red eyes he saw at school in the bushes. Looks to his left, he sees another set of red eyes. All of a sudden, red eyes gleamed through the trees everywhere! Chris now knows…..there’s more than one creature. Chris then storms through the woods as he’s swiping tree branches out of his way. The growling intensifies. Chris pushes forward. Pushing and pushing til suddenly he stops. Chris is now in the middle of the woods. Surrounded by trees, no land in sight. He stands still as he anticipates the arrival of the creatures. He’s still got that one unknown creature in his mind, the one who bit him on his left hand. The growling is heard again and now, the red eyes appear all over the place. Chris is surrounded, but he’s not running. He’s challenging them.

“Come out and get me you cowards!”

Now left and right, multiple wolves jump out at Chris! Chris pulls out a blade from his pocket and fights them off. Stabbing one after another. So much blood, so much chaos. Wounded a total of 20 wolves! Only wounded……

To finish them off, Chris sliced their necks! They’re finally dead, but Chris wasn’t satisfied. He still wanted to know who was responsible for the bite mark. Turns out, it was neither of the wolves.

But, it was indeed a wolf……

Chris hears more growing, but this time it wasn’t multiple wolves. This time, it was one. This time, it was one big wolf.

Chris turned around and couldn’t believe what he saw.

Standing before him was a 7 foot, 300+ pound wolf!!

Chris and this beastly creature. Face to face. Chris finally found who’s responsible for the bite mark. Chris finally found the culprit.

How will Chris take this big thing down?


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