The Bite *Part 2*

Chris walks to the woods, stares it down as he has flashbacks to the attack. His left hand still has the bite mark, his hair is getting darker, his fangs are continuing to grow. Chris knows he’s turning into something, but he didn’t want to focus on that at the moment. He wants to confront the unknown animal. As he’s about to take a step into the woods, he hears a shout from across the street.

“Chris! Chris! Where are you going?”

Here comes Chris’ friend, Blake.

Blake: “C’mon man, we have to go to school! Why are you going into the woods?”

Chris: “Don’t worry about that man. You’re right, let’s go to school…..”

Here’s the freaky part. Once Chris turned around and saw Blake, he’s back to looking normal. Blonde hair and all. The bite mark’s still there. Chris himself looked fine. Off to school the two went.

During the day, Chris decides to go to the bathroom. As he makes his was towards the nearest restroom, his stomach starts to encounter sharp pain. He’s in great pain. He looks back and forth to see no one else in the hallway. He can’t seem to understand why his stomach’s in so much pain. Finally makes it to the restroom and looks into the mirror. Chris is once again turning into something else. Black hair, red fingers, fangs. Just like how he woke up in the morning. He’s furious at this point. Can’t seem to understand why he’s turning again. He knows one thing though, he’s confronting that creature. For sure this time. Without any distractions, Chris wants to confront the unknown creature. He’s got his sights set on doing so at night.

Chris exits the restroom and the hallway is packed with students. School’s almost over. He’s back to looking normal. As he makes it to his final class of the day, he sits down and looks out the window. He notices a tail sticking out from a nearby bush. Then suddenly he sees red eyes gleaming through the bush! Chris screams in horror. The whole class stares at him.

“Sorry….” – Chris states in embarrassment.

Chris then whispers to himself,

“No matter how I’m going to do this, I’m going to stalk that creature. I’m going to confront that creature. I’m going to kill that creature……”

Out of nowhere, a demon-like voice whispers to Chris,

“Bring it on then……”