“We shall all rise together like a batch of flowers, and fill the world with our love and care!”

That’s what Kami loved to say. Kami was a kind soul. A woman who would go to great lengths just to see a smile on one’s face.

Kami grew up around negativity. Her parents were filled with hatred. They didn’t like anyone, didn’t like anything. Kami herself only saw the light. She couldn’t be around other kids when she was a child because her parents told her that she would become “one of them”. To her parents, anyone who wasn’t like them were “below them” or “peasants”. Kami wasn’t like her parents at all. She wants to be kind to others. She wants to have friends. She wants to love her community. She wants to love all humanity.

Kami then finally got to be on her own. She finally got the chance to explore and spread joy. She did just that. Kami made sure to leave smiles on people’s faces everywhere she went. She extended her kindhearted soul to others, expressing so much integrity that people had no other option than to love her. Kami just wants us all to be one. Kami is one of a kind. She shows her #1 trait, loyalty.

“Love all. Care for all. We are all great. We are all one.” – Kami