Book Review: The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Malcolm X.

What a man. What a history. What a legacy he left behind. A legacy that was written down for us readers to enjoy. This man created such a revolution that til this day is very impactful. I knew once I opened this book that not only would I be in for a treat, but for a history lesson. Today’s book review will be on The Autobiography of Malcolm X: written by Alex Haley, in Malcolm’s own words himself.

Published on October 29th, 1965, Malcolm X collaborated with journalist Alex Haley for a tell all about his controversial life. This book covered literally everything about the man. Malcolm didn’t hold back on letting us know about his upbringing. Kind of sounded like he was being interviewed by the reader. It was pretty cool. He’s dealt with the hardships of being an African American in America during a time where racism was at its worst. Throughout his life, Malcolm wanted change. He wanted to step up against the white supremacists. He wanted to provide a chance for African Americans to success in America. Stop the poverty. I could go on. Malcolm was a revolutionary man. This book definitely proves that.

His entire life was covered, even his assassination in 1965. That chapter was just sad. I’m not going to go into it too much but I will say he was remembered more than he ever would’ve imagined. This book will indeed go down as one of the best non fiction reads ever. Normally I’m not exposed to much non fiction books that are extremely recommended, but The Autobiography of Malcolm X is the 1# best to me. It’s a great book if you’re someone who wants to read about 100% accuracy of history, especially of someone’s life.

10/10 rating for this astonishing book.