5 Songs That Describes 2020

Music sure can definitely spread messages. Whether it’s deep, fun, sad, etc. Music can do it all. We’ve all heard songs that describes a topic to its accuracy. When I think of the traumatic year of 2020, boy I so know a couple of songs that can describe the year 100%. Here’s a list of the top 5 songs that describes 2020 very well.

5. “Where is The Love?” – Black Eyed Peas

This year, we’ve not received a whole lot of love. Seriously, where was the love? All across the world, especially in my country of the United States of America, there’s been so much chaos. So much tragedies. Tragedies that even barley gets talked about. The love is not here guys. If it is, then where is it? Most people might have it, but love should not be presented to most people. It should be presented to ALL! Seriously guys, where is the love?

4. “Earth Song” – Michael Jackson

So many tragic events occurred throughout the world. Not just with Covid-19, but very harmful events that includes the deaths of animals and the destruction of their habitats. The wildfires in Australia comes first to mind as tons of animals have passed on and their habitats were destroyed. Seeing those sweet, innocent animals lose everything was heartbreaking. Animals across the globe are suffering from hardship just as bad as we are. Their homes are destroyed, their families are dying, they have no food and shelter, etc. All over the globe. Please people, animals are just as human as we are. Take care of their habitats as well. We have homes, they have homes. We have families, they have families. Whenever animals are in need of anything, we must help contribute to their needs as well.

3. “Land of Confusion” – Genesis

This whole year has been a one BIG land of confusion. Why are we dealing with such tragedies? Why is the Coronavirus taking over us? Why has this world lost its damn mind? We’re all insane. So many questions with no answers. Hell the answers themselves are inaccurate. We can’t seem to catch a break this year. So much chaos it’s sickening. I’m confused. You’re confused. Such irresistible forces are destroying our world and we can’t stop them. We can only survive them. 2020 has been one big confusion. We’re literally living in the land of confusion.

2. “Mad World” – Michael Andrews

Yes, this is a mad world we’re living in. We’re actually in a mad world. What in the hell did we do to deserve such punishment? Deaths, riots, corruption, it’s all too maddening. Police brutality, burnings, world destruction. What’s going on in this mad world? I could say there’s so many ups and downs we went through this year but honestly, it’s mostly downs. I barley can recall any ups. Too many downs. The year’s not over yet, but there could be more downs awaiting. I sincerely hope not. We’re in a mad world people. We truly are.

1. “They Don’t Care About Us” – Michael Jackson

Y’all know who “they” are. They don’t care about us! Never have, probably never will. Now this year we did see a spark of change. It’s only the beginning. At the end of the day, they don’t care about us! It’s been very difficult to see so many deaths that had to resort to such change as it should’ve happened a long time ago. Now the violence must stop and we will voice our frustrations. It’s been happening for months now, and it will sure continue. They don’t care about us and we’ll show them why they should. They will now care about us, whether they like it or not. Time for change, and it’s finally happening.

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