You Kick Me?

Here I am down and out. I can’t move. Arms are jelly. Legs are jelly. I feel like a damn vegetable. With no strength to pick myself up and go on with my life, here you come to kick me. You kick me while I’m down? How dare you….

You know, I don’t understand sinners like you. Why do you have to kick me while I’m down? Why do you do that to other people as well? You can’t keep bringing others down for your joy. By doing that, you don’t realize that you’re hurting yourself too. You want to keep kicking others? Sooner than later, you’ll get yours too.

I’ll push back and strike with such force that’ll have you regret every wrong doing you’ve done. You kick me? I kick you. Harder, stronger. You kick the people? I’ll kick back for them. You kick down the kind? The kind will come back even stronger and knock you down with an even greater force!

Take that, you inner demon…..


  1. Your blog is absolutely fantastic, such a wonderful discovery. I’m so excited to read more.

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    1. Shane R. says:

      Thank you so much! Really appreciate it!


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