Twitching Night

One night, I was wide awake and felt uneasy. The moon’s out and everything’s dark. Typical night. Suddenly, I started to twitch. Don’t know why. Don’t know for what. For a moment, I’m thinking I was being possessed. Then I stopped. Okay……what was that? Now I’m 100% wide awake. No sleep for me this night. I went to grab a glass of water and as I’m drinking it, I twitch again! Out of control this time! What in the world’s going on?! Now I’m REALLY believing that I’m being possessed! At this point, the demon needs to be let go. Leave me the hell alone. Now……’ve guessed it. I’ve stopped again. Such a mystery of what’s going on.

This night was just different to say the least. Twitching? Why? Who’s messing with me? Who’s trying to tell me something? The thought of this wouldn’t escape my head for a long time. I start to pace back and forth for a bit. Wondering what in the world is going on? Sure enough, again I twitch. This time, I was in pain. Clutching my stomach and gasping for air as I was loosing my breath. Next thing I know, I open my mouth and a spirit releases from me! Exactly what I thought it would be! A demon! This demon circled around me very quickly then stopped. Stopped then turned to me and said, “Boy, you don’t know what you’ve just unleashed!”

I couldn’t grasp what was going on! All I thought I could do was close my eyes. I did just that.

Then I woke up…….

I was……dreaming?