Days Off. Rest On.

Hey you, you’re a hard worker. You bust a** every single day. Working 9 to 5, or in most cases a full 12 hours, or plus more. Let me tell you something, once you have a day off you must value it. Rest! Without rest, you’ll be a young zombie. Walking around like you’re dead. Working yourself to death. You DON’T deserve that. No one does. Value your days off.

Me personally, I absolutely HATE seeing people work multiple jobs. Seeing especially young people looking like zombies after multiple shifts just irritates me. I know it shouldn’t because that’s maybe what they have to do to make a living for themselves but man, those people need a very good rest. Never take your days off for granted. Use them to relax your mind, body, and soul. Cleansing yourself before going back to work. I know you work a lot for money and what not, but that’s not everything.

Value your days off. Rest to heal yourself.