Fall With Me

Come fall with me. Let’s enjoy the color changing leaves together. Let’s drink coffee together. Hell, beer would do too. Maybe some Jack Daniels. I don’t mind. Let’s go on strolls together in the mist of clouds with a little bit of rain. There’ll be chilly days, so we can wear jackets, hoodies, etc. When it comes to chilly nights, we can get cozy with blankets and watch some movies together. We can sit in our backyards and enjoy a nice firepit together. We could even bump some music as well. Any mood will do me fine.

Fall is a cool season. Sure it doesn’t give us warm weather but you know what, it brings a different feel to earth. Fall is what I would call the kickback season. After months of nonstop movement, fun in the sun, we can sit and relax with our friends and family while enjoying the chilling air.

This season, fall with me. Let’s all enjoy the kickback season together.

With a mask of course…….

Screw you Covid-19.