Driven to Love

Julia Graye was a very famous Hollywood star. An actress, model, entrepreneur. Julia was the real deal. Everyone knew her, everyone loved her. Well, except for one person. That one person was her totally obnoxious boyfriend, Ron Banks. Ron was an actor himself, but his fame mostly came from dating Julia. They’ve been dating for a few months now and things were looking good for the Hollywood couple. The media loved them together. They were seen as Hollywood’s hottest couple. Everything looked well for them! Key word…..looked. No one knew exactly what was going on behind closed doors with these two. No one knew, except for one person.

Julia had employed a limo driver name Josh. Josh would drive Julia and Ron everywhere. Dates, events, etc. What people don’t know is that Josh has seen it all. In the public, Julia and Ron looked great together. Behind closed doors, things were ugly. UGLY!

Ron was very abusive to Julia. Physically, verbally, you name it. Julia felt like she was trapped in a cage. She couldn’t escape. She wanted to, but felt like she would let her image fade if she were to break up with Ron. They were the biggest couple in Hollywood. Julia didn’t want that image to go. She dealt with the abuse. Deep down, she wanted a way out.

Whenever Josh would get the chance to drive Julia by herself, which was very rare, he would always try to ask her what’s the deal between herself and Ron. She wouldn’t tell Josh anything at first. Julia looked at Josh as her employee, nothing else. Josh really care about Julia. Sure he was her employee, but he really cared. Julia however was able to see that. She really wanted to express her feelings to Josh because Josh was the only person who wanted to check up on her. She just couldn’t. She felt like Ron would know somehow. Julia always felt that Ron was watching. Ron made it a point to Julia that he has “20/20 vision”. Wherever she goes, he’s watching. Whatever she does, he’s watching. Ron controlled Julia. It was disgusting. Josh saw that. Josh hated Ron. Josh wanted to help Julia get away from Ron. Josh wanted it all to end for Julia.

One night, Julia called Josh and demanded that he picks her up from her home right away. Josh rushed over, honking the horn to let Julia know that he’s arrived. Julia runs out and jumps into the limo then screams at Josh, “GO!” Josh speeds off and could tell right away something’s up. Julia then sits with her head down for a while.

“What’s wrong?” Josh asked in his sympathy voice.

Julia slowly lifts her head up and Josh notices a black eye. Julia’s left eye was blackened. Josh became OUTRAGED! That disgusting boyfriend of hers struck her in the face. Ron hit Julia. Josh wanted revenge. Josh immediately slammed on the breaks and stares at Julia.

“That’s it. Enough’s enough. Ron is going to pay.” – Josh

“Please…’s fine Josh.” – Julia

“No it’s NOT! No man ever hits a woman. You’re beautiful, and Ron tried to take that away from you. He’s finished….” – Josh

“Josh, it’s fine I said……” – Julia

Next day, Ron’s looking for Julia. He calls her phone multiple times until he finally gets an answer and it’s Josh.

“Who’s this?” – Ron

“This is Josh sir, Julia’s limo driver. Julia is not available right now. Can I take a message for her? – Josh

“Yeah, tell Julia that I want to talk to her right now.” – Ron

“I’m sorry sir, she’s not available at the moment.” – Josh

“Tell her I’m coming over now. I don’t like to be ignored. Bye.” – Ron

A few minutes later, Ron shows up. He bangs on the door as he shouts for Julia. Josh answered the door. Ron is now outraged that Julia didn’t answer the door.

“I said I wanted to see Julia dude. Get out of here right now.” – Ron

“No can do sir. Now, you’re about to be the one who gets out of here. Julia wanted me to give you her own message. You guys are over. – Josh

*BOOM* Josh knocks Ron straight out with a right hook!

Josh stood up for his boss. Josh stood up for Julia. Josh wanted to put an end to Ron. He’s been waiting to do that forever. Josh gets into the limo and who just happens to be in the front seat? Julia. Julia looks at Josh in awe. She couldn’t believe what she saw. She softly says to Josh, “You’re my hero. That was great. You’ve saved me from that monster. Thank you Josh.

“Let’s get out of here Julia. I’m going to take you somewhere that Ron couldn’t. I’m taking you to love.” – Josh

Josh drives to an open field that’s out of the city. The two would go into the middle of the field and embrace. Josh and Julia would then kiss. Julia was happy that her relationship with Ron was over. She stopped caring about the publicity and image. She wanted a new man. She’s got her new man. Out with Ron, in with Josh.

Julia felt safe. Julia felt real love for the first time. Julia felt like a real star again, but this time Josh is her leading man.

Julia and Josh would become inseparable from there on out.