Dark Water

One day, I was drowning. I was drowning but somehow, I opened my eyes. What I saw was shocking. Here I am, drowning, but opened by eyes and saw black. Black? Black. Then, I gained the strength to rise above the water. After rubbing the water out of my eyes, I analyzed the water and sure enough it was black. Dark water……

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Dark water. Was it poisonous? Well, no. I don’t know how to explain. I mean, it was water. Tasted like nothing, didn’t damage my skin, absolutely nothing of harm happened. I just saw dark coded water. Maybe it’s evil? Swimming in evil. Aren’t we all in some way…..

Dark water floating through the pier. I ended up standing on a cliff and stared down at the mystical water. Just couldn’t understand how it’s there, how I was even drowning in the thing. I was in awe. I was wondering where it was heading. I started to follow the path. Where was this water coming from? Why the hell is the water black? I had to find out for myself. I followed the path by the pier and ended up at this waterfall. A dark waterfall. That’s where the dark water was coming from. From the dark waterfall. How in the world…….you know what, I didn’t ask myself any questions at that point. I had to climb up to the top of the waterfall to see where this water’s coming from.

I climbed and climbed until I finally reached the top. Then, I saw something astonishing. I saw this giant sculpture. I saw a giant water fountain! That’s where this dark water was coming from! This gigantic fountain was shaped like a face, mainly looked like a mask. Turns out I was right. This fountain was known as the Mask of Grime. The Mask of Grime is known for displaying colorful water from itself as a signal of mood. This fountain was displaying dark water. Does that mean the Mask of Grime was angry? Maybe felt dark inside? Maybe upset, depressed? I had to know……

So I walked towards the Mask of Grime to try to talk to it. I don’t know why I decided to go talk to this fountain but I went with my gut. I walked up to it, got really close and mind you this fountain was GIGANTIC! I’m a simple man so I asked the simple question, “Mask of Grime….What’s the matter?” That’s all I’ve asked. Suddenly, the dark water stopped flowing. The eyes of the Mask of Grime turned red. A big rumbling started to occur and I was confused yet terrified. Then the Mask of Grime literally screams “GEEEEEEET OUUUUUUUT!!!” More dark water spews from this fountain and now I’m drowning again! I made the Mask of Grime mad?! For what?! Now I’m scratching and clawing, fighting the dark water. Everything’s loud around me! I can’t hear anything! I can still see, but I’m temporarily at loss of hearing. I’m fighting and fighting but losing. Feeling weak. This dark water is now super strong! So I decided to do one thing, I closed my eyes. Hoped for the best. Once I did that, you wouldn’t believe what happened next.

I woke up…….

I was dreaming?

It can’t be. How was I dreaming?

I started to get up until I realized I was wet. I turned over and sure enough, I’m covered in black. Covered in black from the dark water. Then I noticed a little note beside me. I picked it up and read it.

The note only stated,

Don’t come back. You’d be sorry.

sincerely, MoG.”

Got the message loud and clear, Mask of Grime.