I’m happy, but I’m behind closed doors. I’m alive, but hidden. I keep myself locked. That’s who I am. I’m in my own cage. I come out when pleased. Once I’m out then I’m out and about. Within a flash, I’m gone. I’m back in the cage. Locked, waiting for the right time to come back out. That’s just who I am.

Behind the doors, I do whatever I want. I am happy and joyful. No hate towards anyone, just free spirited that can be shown more comfortably in my own world. It’s pretty different than displaying it in public. People wouldn’t understand. Maybe they would?

To understand me, you’ve got to have the trust I’m looking for. Don’t worry we can have fun and what not. I’m all for fun. Mainly, I prefer to be hidden. Privacy can be your favorite medication if you truly think about it. Surround yourself with your own vibe. It’s great.

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