Creation is Fine, Marketing Though?

Creating your craft is the easy part. Marketing is absolutely DIFFICULT! No matter how hard you work on your art, that’s only the simple part. I’m pretty sure many people will tell you that marketing is really hard. Trying to share your art with the whole world is not easy whatsoever. It’s possible, but not easy at all. You’ve GOT to market your butt off if you want to reach somewhere. That’s what makes your work intriguing, yet fun.

You know your work’s great, but of course you want to please others as well. How do you do so? I’m no marketing expert at all and I wish I was. Marketing is what gets you noticed. Marketing gets you views. Marketing gets you fame. We all want that right? 100% correct. I just wish it was so simple. Catching the attention of an unknown audience is a very difficult task because you don’t know for sure what they like. No one does. That’s up to the audience. Marketing yourself with the right audience is one hell of a challenge.

Don’t be discouraged by this fact though. You can absolutely find the right audience at the best time. Keep working on your art, then once you’re ready to present it to the world, MARKET MARKET MARKET!

Market til your mind bleeds! That sounds uncomfortable but you know what I mean.

Find the right marketing plan that works for you. With the right plan, you’ll go to the moon because of your work. You can do it with a team or solo. Whatever works for you. All it comes down to is the best plan.

Start now! You’ll go places sooner than later! Just know, it’s a difficult yet POSSIBLE task….