The Castle of Wilk

This is a castle where many have come to explore. This is a castle where the demon’s play. A castle of mystery. A castle of questions with no answers. This is the Castle of Wilk.

What is the Castle of Wilk?

This castle was created in the 18th century and was owned by a very wealthy couple. The couple had 8 children together and one day they’ve decided to go house hunting. They have a big family so they wouldn’t settle for less. They stumbled across this castle, a castle that looked kind of mysterious but to them it was big enough for their family. They figured why not? Since they’re rich, they can treat themselves like royalty. The couple bought the castle then finally moved in with their 8 children. This castle was located on Wilk Street. Wilk Street had nothing but this castle located on it. Weird enough. Everything was fine at first til suddenly, the family started hearing noises throughout the place. Noises of what? Voices? Those where never explained. Why weren’t they ever explained? Well……the next morning, the entire family disappeared. Yes, the entire family disappeared. Everything’s still in tact, but the family is gone. Suddenly gone. They’ve NEVER returned too. Gone and nowhere to be found.

A few years later, a new family moved in the castle. Still by this point, the family who lived there before were never found. This new family was just as wealthy as the last family and their goal was to turn the castle around. They wanted to give the castle a more modern look. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worst for this new family. How? One night, the family was in the middle of having dinner when suddenly the lights went out. A loud shout came afterwards then immediately, the lights came back on. The family’s food were gone! Everyone freaked out, then decided to investigate what the anonymous shouting was. The whole family searched the castle and of course, they found nothing. Strange. Everyone then decided to call it a night and went off to bed. The next morning, the whole family was gone. Gone. Disappeared, and never to be heard from again. Same fate as the last family. After years of investigation, both cases of the vanished families went cold.

What was going on in that castle?

Is the place haunted?

Are there ghosts living there?

So many questions, yet no answers.

This castle was something special. Not the good kind of special.

No one lived in the castle since. It’s been decades now. For a while, the place has been nicknamed “The Castle of Horror”. It’s the only place that’s located on the secluded Wilk Street. All land, one building. The castle. It’s not nice. It’s not necessarily evil. This castle is simply mysterious. No one ever dared to step inside that place ever again. Who would? Who will?

Forever etched, The Castle of Wilk.