Talk About It

You have inner demons that needs to be unleashed? Talk about it.

You have a powerful mind that needs to be expressed? Talk about it.

You’re angry? Talk about it.

You’re sad? Tall about it.

You’re battling depression? Talk about it.

You’re battling anxiety? Talk about it.

If you’re in a battle for survival? Talk about it.

If you’re happy? Talk about it.

Talk about it!

Your voice will always be heard.


  1. Manisha says:

    Yea ..
    People tend to hide a lot of their feelings on account of keeping things private .even when it has never served any good to them

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    1. Shane R. says:

      Oh yes. I understand personally why they do so, but once they express their inner feelings to someone, even in private, it’ll be a total relief for their soul

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      1. Manisha says:

        I completely agree 👍
        “Sharing is caring”.
        There is a reason people quote this .
        plus sharing can be of emotions as well.

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