Writing CAN Be Stressful

Writing is definitely not that easy. It takes patience, effort, creativity, and it’s time consuming. Just like any other occupation. It’s a lot that goes into it. Almost every writer will tell you the same thing.

I honestly don’t know what’s the most stressful part about writing. Hell, pretty much everything. It’s stressful but I love it. We love it. It’s what we strive to do. Writers overall have a strong, sharp mindset that can be expressed in many different ways. Whether it’s writing a book, writing articles, writing journals, or even blogging in general, writers are expressing theirselves.

It’s not easy by any means. Sometimes it can take hours to complete a prompt. Completing a single page can sometimes be stressful. Writing’s definitely stressful if you’re a perfectionist. You want every word to be spelled correctly. You want your sentences to be well written. You want lengthy paragraphs. You want a presentable essay. You want the perfect paper. You want the best presentation period. It’s stressful! Yet, the work will be all worth it.

Writing takes a lot but it’s great for the mind.

It’s stressful, but soul catching….

2 thoughts on “Writing CAN Be Stressful

    1. Thanks! Absolutely right and that’s what makes writers so great. They acknowledge that writing can be stressful but will continue to do so for their audience


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