Jumping (Mind) Jacks

I’ve been meaning to ask you guys this for a while. Does any of you ever have that random moment where you’re sitting still and feel like your mind is playing tricks on you? Your brain is doing twists and twirls and you have a blank expression on your face? That’s how I feel sometimes. Blank. Sitting there with a blank look on my face. Felt like it’s doing jumping jacks in my head.

I can’t pinpoint when that started to occur. Maybe my whole life? No. I don’t know. It’s weird!

Maybe, just maybe, my brain’s adapting? Each day we learn something new and who knows, my brain’s probably adjusting to the new lessons I learn from daily. Then again, I still think about the same stuff. Haven’t I learned a new lesson? My brain’s just…..different.

Seriously, does this happen to you guys often?