Jenny The Wolf

This is a story about a young wolf who grows into one of the strongest independent wolves in the world.

Jenny was the youngest of 3 siblings in a family of wolves. Her mother and father were both of the most respected wolves in the entire community. Everyone knew them, everyone loved them.

One night, Jenny’s family decided to go on an adventure. An adventure to the road sides. Jenny had mixed feelings about this but she went along with it. She stuck by her family no matter what. So they go on a walk alongside a nearby empty road and things were going well for a bit. Nice family stroll for the wolves. The moon was out, so of course they all howled. They even made a harmony out of their howling! Very strong bond between these wolves. Everything’s swell until suddenly, they hear a noise slowly approaching their way. The noise’s building and building, everyone starting to become frightened especially Jenny. As they all turned around, the noise turned out to be a car and the car was speeding. Since this car made a very sharp turn, Jenny’s family would end up being caught in a very unfortunate accident! The car ends up hitting Jenny’s parents and siblings, killing them instantly. The car just committed roadkill. The car didn’t stop at all….it kept going. Gone within seconds. As the car collided with her family, Jenny hid behind the nearby trees. Once the car sped away, Jenny took one look at her family and she knew their fate. She sees her mother, father, and her two brothers dead. Gone in front of her eyes. Jenny howled in sorrow. Howled in pain. So loud, that other wolves actually heard her and came by to see what had happened. Everyone couldn’t believe what they saw. The most respected family in the whole community, dead. Everyone then turned to Jenny and she was just in complete distraught. With the death of her family, Jenny was now all alone. From that point on, it was all up to Jenny to raise herself. Her own family gone in seconds, now she’s the family.

For the next couple of years, Jenny immensely fought her way through life. She had her struggles for sure as she looked throughout the forest for food, water, and mostly shelter. She fought and fought for survival. Jenny was tough. She didn’t give up whatsoever. Throughout the whole experience, Jenny tried to figure out why her family perished the way they did. Why did they get run down like that? That was always on her mind. Everything she did in her life going forward was for her family. She wanted to honor them any way she could. She loved her family.

Now Jenny’s an adult. Full grown wolf. Just as her family were loved and respected, Jenny herself was loved and respected. She’s completely independent and strong. No one got on her bad side. Every night when the moon comes out, Jenny would stand on top of a hill and howled in harmony. The same harmony she did with her family. This time, the whole community would howl with her. A whole community of wolves howling together in harmony. What a sight, what a sound.

She really was the real deal.

Jenny The Wolf.