What to Think? What to Say?

When you’re about to write, what’s your preparation? What do you think about? What do you have to say? I know you must have a lot on your mind. That’s the pressure of writing. That’s why I titled this blog, “What to Think? What to Say?”

There’s so many questions you ask yourself before writing. Not only those two main questions, but much more that concerns your sense of writing. “Where should this lead to? How many words do I need to say? Will people like it? Will the readers agree with me? Will the readers applaud me?” I get it guys. I think about the same thing. We all do. That’s what makes us good writers. That’s how we come up with our words. We question ourselves about our work. Once you get to work, it’s smooth sailing from there on out.

No matter what you do, always question yourself. It’s preparation for what you’re about to deliver in your craft. Question your motives then once you’ve got all the answers, then you’ll be completely satisfied with the results.