Pain in the Eyes

How can you tell if someone’s hiding their pain? Can you see it in their eyes? Could you look into someone’s eyes and say “That person’s in pain…”?

We all have pain in our eyes. Some can display it, some can’t. Some will share it, some won’t. We all have it though. It’s inevitable. Life brings us a lot of things, and pain’s one of them. Pain’s one of the main experiences we all go through that can’t be avoided. For some, pain’s been dealt with so much that it’s all a person can feel for a long time. Hurt, sorrow, pain. So much so, that you can tell by the look in their eyes. It’s quite upsetting to see someone look that way. Too much pain can cause sorrow eyes. Way too much pain.

Tears can show one’s pain. When someone cries often, that’s their pain being let loose publicly. That’s actually okay. The more tears you show, the more you’re releasing your pain from within. It’s always okay to cry. Remember that.