Givers and Takers


Givers are selfless. They give, so you can have. They’ll give anyone things that they don’t need anymore, so someone else can have them. Giving is a very special way to show kindness to one another. I’m a giver myself. Well, to an extent. I give to those in need. I give to those who struggle. I give to those who quite simply deserves it. Those who you know will appreciate it. Being a giver makes me feel like the nicest man ever. It’s a definite feel good moment once you do such a thing. Please, if you see people who are in need of help, be a giver. Give them the help they need. Who knows, they’ll be a giver to you in return one day.


Takers receive when they can. Some for good, some for evil. The good ones mainly accept things when they know they’ll be givers in return. The evil ones well, they do it as a start to their advantage plan. Don’t be like that people. Take what you can only if you give in return. Take when you’re able to, so you can give back. Don’t take, take, take. Don’t take and run. Take and give back. It’ll make you feel so good. Appreciate the things presented to you as they’re being given to you by someone who genuinely cares about you. If you’re a taker in any situation, appreciate what’s handed to you.