Fans of The Music

One of the most unfortunate events to happen in 2020 are the cancellation of concerts. Concerts, music festivals, and every other musical shows are what’s missing as part of the entertainment world in 2020. The #1 thing we miss about these shows? The fans. Simple. The freaking crowd at these shows were always electrifying. Going back on YouTube and watching live shows just to see the crowd is becoming a thing now for most people who were originally concert goers. I sure do miss the interaction of the fans too. We were ALL there at shows to have a great time, and we sure did! Bouncing around with your surroundings, standing by each other with our hands around our shoulders was always an amazing experience. Can you imagine the moment where a live concert is brought back again? Imagine the CROWD! Everyone will gather together in great joy as we get to stand side by side and bring so much energy to the show! Now if that day ever comes, that will be the one of the greatest days of every concert goers’ life. The crowd brings such energy to the shows that they’re one of the major reasons why musicians do what they do. Musicians feed off that energy. I guarantee musicians miss us fans, and we miss them performing.

The roar of the crowd.

We are the fans of the music.