Game Review: The Last of Us Part II

Couldn’t wait to do this once I got to start playing the game. After 7 long years, one of the best gaming franchises made its long awaited return. On June 19th, 2020, We were graced with the release of the sequel to The Last of Us. A sequel that has been demanded for years. A sequel that many have patiently waited for. Now it’s time to for a review on that said sequel. Today’s game review will be on The Last of Us Part 2!!

Now to be honest, not many people have played this game yet so I’ll do my best not to spoil anything major. This game featured a lot of updated gameplay that provided a very challenging experience. An experience that was well worth it. This game brought back its intense combat and fierce shooting style that made everything so realistic it was very astonishing to witness.

Now in this game, the focus is all on Ellie. Joel, Tommy, and Maria are the still there for the most part but it’s all on Ellie to fight for survival. We’re introduced to new characters as well including Abby, Owen, Manny, Mel, Jesse, Yara, Lev, and most of all Ellie’s new main squeeze Dina. Dina played a very big role in this game as Ellie went through very serious of traumatic experiences throughout the whole thing and Dina was right by her side. She didn’t go anywhere, she was there for Ellie every step of the way. That’s a true partner right there. Take notes people.

The one big factor in this game was the story. The storytelling in this game took me on an emotional roller coaster. Literally, you go up and down and up and down as the story progresses. You NEVER know what happens next. Naughty Dog sure knows how to play with a player’s emotions, that’s what makes them so good. If you love a game with a great story, then this game will deliver to you.

Overall, I’ll rate this game a 9.4/10. Even though this game was great, I slightly prefer the first game when it comes to the story of it all. Without a doubt, this is a must play game and it sure will not disappoint you guys. It’s a long game but hey, the longer the better and with the awesome gameplay and storytelling you’ll love every minute of it!