Soul Writing

Sitting there, thinking what to write, thinking what to say, coming from the heart. So many words to put down that you believe will make a difference in not only your life but someone else’s. You’re writing your words to voice your inner creation, showcasing that you have the gift that no one else sees. Once you write, you’re expressing from the within. Within your mind, body, and most of all your soul. You’re soul writing. Digging deep in yourself to express yourself. You’re soul writing. There’s been plenty of soul writers over the years who’ve done justice through their words. You can be one of them. Hell, plenty of you are already soul writers. Y’all just might not know it. Think about it: are you a soul writer? Are you writing from the within? If so, then keep doing so. Soul writing can be the best writing for you. People will be blindsided by what you have to say from the within.

Express your soul writing. Show it.