One day, I was walking along the line of the river. Dusk and dawn out, it looked pretty soothing. Walking by the river is always an activity of mine. It helps with self medication and rehabilitation. Then it starts raining and I thought oh man, I’m going to get soaked! As the rain came down, instead of turning around to go home I just kept walking. I even looked up at the skies and saw a little bit of sunlight. Rain and sunlight, how awesome! The rain’s pouring and everything’s wet. Drips of rain stem from my hat then onto my face, as it looks like I’m crying. I began to think to myself “You know, what if rain is the earth’s tears? What if earth’s upset? Earth cries, then when it’s done then the sun comes out as a sign of relief?” Rain is always the waterfall of nature. It’s actually pretty spectacular.

When it rains, step outside and open your arms like wings to feel every once of the drip drop. Feel the earth’s waterfall on your soothing skin.