Kill Them with Success

You see the guy in the picture above? He’s made it. For his whole life, he had haters. He had people tell him that he wouldn’t amount to anything in life. People would say to him that he wouldn’t be successful. Even people who were strangers would go up to him and straight up tell him that he might not have the life he wants to have. All the hate, all the put downs he had dealt with, he finally said “Enough is enough. It’s time for business.”

Day by day, year by year, he worked his ass off. As the days went on, he developed into a leader. His own leader. No one else would follow him, but he didn’t care at all. He wanted success. Now, look at him. Look at him in the picture. He’s got success now. He worked hard his own life for that moment and look at him. This man is looking at the bright lights of the big city. Once he soaked that all in, that’s when he KNEW he had made it.

What happened to his haters all of a sudden?

What happened to his doubters all of a sudden?

He killed them.

He killed them with success.