Magic Moon

One night, I was laying in the grass outside in my backyard. Looking up at the skies, looking up at the stars. Suddenly, I see this moon. It absolutely was not an ordinary moon. This moon was the color purple. I immediately was in awe. A purple moon?? How?! I kept staring at this moon for what seemed like ages then suddenly, the moon started sparkling. As the moon sparkles, it began to create this imagery of golden stars and clouds. Literally within seconds, this purple moon was surrounded by GOLDEN stars and clouds! What in the world was I looking at?! I was literally watching a show. Felt like a damn cartoon show but no, this was real. I was the only one watching this too. No one else was around, and no one would believe this if I had told them about it. Honestly, I didn’t care. I was enjoying this for myself.

As I’m watching this purple moon create such a spectacular art, next thing I know I hear, “Hello….”. I sat there frozen for a second…..then I said “Yes?” Turns out, it was the moon. The purple moon was talking to me. “What are you?” I asked. The moon replied “Well son, I’m the Magic Moon.” This spectacular moon is called the Magic Moon. So I asked, “Well, what exactly do you do? How are you the Magic Moon?” “Son, make a wish.” – Magic Moon. “Okay….” I paused then randomly said, “I wish I can float!” “Sure thing, wish granted!” – Magic Moon. Suddenly, I began floating! I went from laying on the grass to floating in the air. What?! “Go ahead, grant another wish!” Magic Moon said. “Okay! I wish I had wings!” I said. I was just wishing for random stuff at this point. Sure enough, wings grew from my back! I legit felt like an angel. “Now son, how do you feel?” – Magic Moon. “I feel great! So, are you a genie too since you grant wishes?” I asked. Magic Moon then states “No I’m not a genie. I can grant wishes through command. I’m a Magic Moon for a reason. Watch this.” Magic Moon then releases dust all over the atmosphere and within a blink of an eye, the whole atmosphere was GOLD! Golden houses, Golden yards, golden trees, everything was just decked in gold! I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Here I am in the air with wings, as everything around me was gold. “WOW! You’re really are a Magic Moon!” I yelled in joy. “Yes I am son! Now that you’ve experienced my magic, you know what it’s like to feel the magic. You’ve felt the power of magic my son. You were the chosen one for this spectacular experience. Now I must release you back into reality. Hope you’ve enjoyed the experience my son.” – Magic Moon.

“I sure did…..Magic Moon.” As I came back into reality, it’s early in the morning and I’m still lying down in the grass. My first thought was what in the world did I witness?? Then I quickly realized, there’s indeed magic in this world.


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