Writing is Art

Writing is indeed art. Putting your thoughts on paper, jotting down your inner mind is art. Not even just on paper but on the worldwide web as well. Any kind of writing is a form of art. A person can come up with such fascinating imagery from their brains and that clearly shows throughout history with some of the greatest writers we’ve ever seen.

William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Maya Angelou, Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, Virginia Woolf, Charles Dickens, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and so many more famous writers in history have made huge impacts through their words. Their words were their art. Their writing is historic. Impactful legacies they have left for us to read on. Their writing is art at best.

No matter what style of writing you do, your writing is art. Believe in your own art.

If you’re a writer, journalist, publisher, poet, blogger, or anything of that note, your work is art.

Your writing is art.

Continue to create your art throughout your history of time.