The Spirit of Rachel

Rachel would always walk into a room and spread the love of joy. Everyone loved her. She was everything a person would want to be. She was caring, loving, happy, fair-minded, just a overall free person. Rachel just wanted the world to be a better place. Don’t we all? One thing Rachel always left behind was her sparkle. She had this special sparkle that looked like colorful dust. What a site it was to see! Even if you had a bad day, she would gift you with her sparkle to brighten your mood and that always worked. Rachel was so full of life! That was what she wanted to leave behind. The spirit of Rachel lives through every good being on this earth. Her sparkle is spreading everywhere, we’re just living in it. We love you Rachel!

We love your spirit! 💖💖


  1. ezee life says:

    If i could only be like rachel even for a second 🤔

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    1. Shane R. says:

      You can, anything’s possible 😊💖

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