Self Criticism

It’s okay to have self criticism. You can criticize your own work if you feel like it’s not up to par. You can criticize your own craft. Self criticism helps with your determination to reach success. Honestly, it’s great to be your own critic. Yes you can ask others for opinions on your work and you will recieve criticism from them, but once YOU criticize yourself then you’ll know what to do to change up your work.

This literally just came into my head as I was attempting to write a new blog. I was in the middle of it then I realized to myself that it wasn’t really anything worth publishing as it had no meaning behind it. When I write, I like to have a message. A message to you, a message to the world, hell even a message to myself. I criticized myself. I gave myself s**t for what I was writing, and I was okay with that. I knew that if I were to delete that post, then I would come up with something better. Something with a message. That would be this post. That would be this message to you, myself, and the world. It’s okay to have self criticism. YOU be the judge of your OWN craft.

If you’re an artist, a content provider, or anything in that matter, actually it doesn’t matter at all. You can definitely criticize yourself if you feel like you’re not providing anything special to your audience. Give yourself a setback. It’s worth the reward afterwards.