Willy James

Here’s a story about a man who was the ultimate trickster. This is a story about the one and only, Willy James.

Willy James was a business man who loved to fool others. Played people out of their money and stole a few goods for himself. The man was smart, yet deadly. Not only would he fool others out of their money, but their lives as well. Some of his jokes would result in injuries, and even death too. Willy worked as a CEO of a production company during the day, but when night time came, he would ditch the suit and tie for some fun. Now he doesn’t necessarily ditch the suit as he would always wear one, but what he does do is put on his signature mask. He wears this mask whenever it’s time to play a “prank” on someone. It’s his own makeup. Willy always hid his true identity when it’s game time.

Night time comes, his mask is on, and now it’s time for fun. Anyone in sight, Willy strikes with his unnecessary pranks. Willy would pie people in the face, splash them with water, pants them, wedgies, etc. Any prank you can think of. He would be a total prankster…..at first. He starts his night of fun with pranks, but ends the night with senseless brutality. He would stalk his victims by following them to their homes, then BAM! He knocks them out cold then strangles them. Wraps a cord around their necks then yanks them back with such force. Such strength. Willy would even LAUGH while doing all of this. Willy was no normal human being, for a damn fact.

After his night of fun, Willy goes back to work like absolutely nothing has happened. Nothing. Each day, he does this. No regrets, no fear, hell even no sleep. Willy James was a sinister prankster. Willy James was a monster.