We Stand

We’re all in a state of anger. So much chaos going on. Destruction, brutality. We all want it to stop! Too much hate, too much damage, too much evil. It should all come to an end sooner than later. I fear for the worst. I fear for the inevitable. There’s should be no more fear. No more fear for me. No more fear for my people. No more fear for anyone. We all fall together, now we must stand together. Stand up and stand still. Keep ourselves high. All of us. We’ve had enough of the unnecessary crimes and punishments. The absolute senseless killings. For what? Lately there’s been total chaos due to protests that went out of control. It’s absolutely sad to see without question. I just want to let everyone know that despite all of that, the message at the end of the day is that we stand together. Enough of the destruction and stand together. Pick up the damaged pieces and stand together. Help each other up and stand together. Stand together during this difficult time in the world right now. We’re already dealing with one big enemy right now and that’s Covid-19. Covid-19 is still going on, but now somehow that became a sidetrack. 2020 has already been hell and I pray that nothing worse happens going forward. We’ve all dealt with such tragedies enough. It all must stop! We must STAND together!

It’s us against the enemy. Us against racism. The People vs The Power.