Foreshadowing Fear

I have an important question for you:

Have you ever looked into the future and became a little frightened by it?

I think about my future all of the time and normally I’m excited for it, but 50% of the time I’m frightened. Yes I can picture a bright future but how exactly do I know it’ll be just that? Maybe I’m just overthinking things a lot. I tend to do that very often. Do you guys ever feel the same way? I’m just curious to know what you guys have to say about it.

I absolutely know my future’s bright. It’s just looking far into it can be overwhelming sometimes. I’m basically trying to scare myself for absolutely no reason. Why? If I know I’ll have a bright future, then all I have to do is continue to work towards it. Why the constant fear of not having such a future? That’s only a question I can answer, yet can’t provide an answer.