The Confrontation

After months of silence, after months of anticipation, Jade has made the first move. Athena is now ready. It’s time for the confrontation.

Athena, The Beautiful Blue, sat patiently. Waiting for the first move from her arch rival. Athena wasn’t going to do anything herself because she didn’t want to add more fuel to the fire, even though the fire wasn’t lit extravagantly because of the months of silence. She waited and waited. At one point, even wondered if Jade had forgotten about her. Jade doesn’t forget about no one that she has issues with. Jade will only forget about you once you’re dead, at the hands of herself. One day, Athena was at home when suddenly she heard a knock at the door. When she answered, no one was there. Confusion of course was present as she wondered who knocked on the door. After closing the door, another knock occurred. Athena answered and again, no one was there. Now she began to think that someone’s playing a joke on her. She closed the door but this time she kept her hand on the knob. Then out of nowhere, the doorbell rings. Athena whipped the door open and suddenly she views a note on her door step.

She looks at it and the note reads:

“Hey beautiful. Remember me? Well…’s time. Tonight. Midnight. In the middle of Gainesville Park in Downtown. Bring everything you got.

                                             Yours truly,

Athena knew exactly who it was. Her whole demeanor changed. She became ready. She was ready for a fight. Athena wasn’t a fighter, but she was ready for this one.

It’s finally midnight. Downtown is dark. Gainesville Park is dark. Athena arrived alone. No weapons, her protection was her fists. She stands directly in the middle of the park, awaiting for her arch rival. She standing there waiting and waiting. The wind is blowing smoothly. Looks off in the distance and there she was, there’s Jade. Jade for some reason, wore a beautiful white dress. Even Athena was awed by her stunning appearance. Glazed at her like if she was a queen. Jade simply states, “I wore this so I can feel your blood on me……” and now it was on!

The two rushed each other with such force. Blows exchanged, bruises, cuts, so much intensity! Athena’s dishing out combos that she herself never knew she had. Jade’s very vicious as she’s punching and clawing away at Athena. These two are in the middle of a big park at midnight fighting to the death. Insane! Jade then proceeds to bite Athena in her neck, vampire style. Dipping her sharp teeth into the soft skin of Athena, and this seems to be the start of Athena’s downfall. Athena becomes fatigued. Jade continues to bite away at the neck, noticing Athena’s slow decline into weakness. Athena was then on the ground in pain. She couldn’t move, suddenly shaking a little bit. Jade believed to have had her in her grasp. Athena was down but not out. Jade then gives her one good kick to the gut then suddenly, she disappears. Athena staggers to her feet and notices Jade’s disappearance. “WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU B***H?!…….Where the hell are you???” Athena said. Total silence. No Jade in sight and at this point Athena starts to get a little worried. Next thing she knows, she hears rapid stomping. She turns around, and there’s Jade sprinting towards her with a huge blade. Wasn’t a knife, it was just a big blade. Athena dodges and strikes Jade in the face. Jade falls down, in total shock. Couldn’t believe she missed her shot to end Athena. Athena turns around and notices the blade on the ground. She runs for it and successfully grabs it but once she turned around, Jade’s gone AGAIN!

Athena is pissed at this point. Jade’s hiding whenever Athena gets the upper hand. Now, Jade’s been gone for a minute and Athena decided to not waste anymore time and went searching for her throughout Gainesville Park. She couldn’t find her for ages. She starts to scream her name. Veins popping out of her neck and the roar of her screams are deafening. Jade’s just gone. Athena, now starts to believe that she’s victorious. Even though she wasn’t happy about it, Athena accepted the fact that she stood tall at the end. Her neck’s still covered in blood from the bite marks Jade left on her. Athena’s walking out of the park thinking she’s about to go home but, she didn’t realize she wasn’t going to leave that easy. She didn’t realize…..that the fight wasn’t over yet.

As Athena was leaving, headlights came coming quick from behind. It was Jade in a truck! Jade, with an evil smile on her face, attempts to run over Athena! Athena starts sprinting down the street but of course she can’t outrun a vehicle. Jade gets closer and closer, almost having Athena in her grasp. Athena at the last second ends up dodging the truck and Jade becomes furious. Jade then drifts the truck and successfully turns it around towards her target, Athena. Athena felt trapped, her whole body’s up against the wall. Jade gets the engine going and decides to floor it towards her target. She’s going and going but once again Athena ends up dodging the truck and Jade collides full force with the wall!! Athena couldn’t believe what she saw. The truck’s all mangled now. Athena was 100% convinced now that Jade’s gone for good. She goes towards the wreckage, slowly, and opens the door. Athena now has a stone look on her face……because Jade had disappeared yet again. This truck’s in total destruction, but no Jade in sight. Athena just…..couldn’t react. She was emotionless. She thought Jade was dead and gone. She wasn’t. Then, from behind, there’s Jade standing behind Athena with a knife and she proceeds to stab her in the back! Athena drops to the ground as she’s shaking to her knees. She’s in total pain. Jade’s happy because now she thinks she finally has Athena beat. Jade’s standing over Athena and says, “Oh Athena. You poor little thing. Oh look, you’re dying! What shall I do? How can I help you poor soul? I know, I’ll just cut your head off and take you home with me. Let’s finish this. It’s over. I won, you lost. Hell defeats heaven. I will always reign supreme.” Jade holds her knife with two hands and raises it as she prepares to finish Athena off for good. Suddenly, BANG!! A sound went off. Total silence afterwards. Jade looks down, and there she sees a big bullet wound in her stomach. Athena had just shot Jade with a hidden gun. Athena then stands up as Jade falls weakened to her knees. “You….you shot me. You actually shot me. I didn’t know you had that in you. Wow, you’re evil. You’re sadistic. That was pretty……badass.” Jade states as she’s losing blood. Athena then leans in on Jade’s face but before saying anything, Jade utters: “ No matter what, you’re still my b***h….”. Athena simply states, “No…’re my b***h now….”, then she proceeds to shoot Jade in the face 10 times! 10 times. After that, Jade is now laying lifeless in a pool of blood. Athena stands over her in total disbelief, but also extremely overwhelmed. Athena did what she never thought she could ever do to anyone. Athena killed Jade. Athena killed her enemy. The Beautiful Blue conquered The Evil Red.

Athena walks home with her clothes covered in blood. She steps inside her house, strips her clothes off, then heads straight to bed. She still couldn’t believe that she killed Jade. She still couldn’t believe she committed murder, even though it was justifiable. She finally goes to sleep peacefully. Hours later, she wakes up and felt happy. She had a big smile on her face. She felt free, felt rejuvenated! As she sat up in her bed, she notices something really shocking. Her bedsheets were completely covered in blood. She herself wasn’t bleeding so she was confused, but she knew right away what this meant. Jade’s still there. Jade’s in spirit.

Jade……is forever alive.

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