No Health = No Money

You’re busting butt at your job, trying to improve your work ethic . Showing the managers that you can work. Most of all, you’re earning some sweet dollar. So much dollar to the point where you put yourself to work more days than scheduled. You’re working your butt off and that’s great, but there’s one thing you should keep track on and it’s not money, it’s your health. Without your health, you won’t be able to make any money.

Hardworking people always feel the need to work more than anyone else for that dollar. I love hard workers as they show great work ethics as it is. What I don’t like is people working themselves to death, just for the money. I like money. You like money. We all like money right? I just don’t like seeing people beating themselves down for it. A lot of hardworking people end up with serious body issues because of money. Back pain, knee pain, bad headaches, hell even heart attacks and etc. People work themselves too hard and their simple reasoning is just, “Well, money! The money’s good!” That may be true, but your health is honestly way more important. You absolutely do NOT want your health to deteriorate. If you end up in no good health, then you’ll have a difficult time making money.

Always think about your health first. That always comes first. Money’s great and all, but it won’t mean too much if you’re in pain, if you’re seriously ill. I know you want to make money all day and every day but please, keep track off your health first.

No Health = No Money

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